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Cheese Plate with Harbison, Valdeon and Riley’s Coat

March 3, 2013

cheese plate

Looking back at our blog’s history, I realize this isn’t at all apparent, but if there’s one thing the Freds are unabashed snobby gourmands about it is cheese. One of us has worked on a few goat dairies and for a while we’ve dreamed about having our own dairy someday. Even when we first met and were both totally broke, we would always find a way to enjoy nice cheese, which sometimes meant going to Formaggio and sampling tons of cheese before sheepishly leaving with only a tiny sliver of a piece. These days we’re lucky enough to be able to purchase cheeses to our heart’s content and we almost always start a nice meal with a cheese plate, or will put one together for a farmer’s lunch in the arboretum. We hope from now on to share our favorite cheese plate pairings with you, starting with this one…

riley's coat cheese

Riley’s Coat, Blue Ledge Farm, Salisbury, VT

A raw milk, natural rind, four months aged goat cheese, named after the dairy’s herding dog, Riley. This is a great, smooth, semi-hard cheese, with mature but mellow flavors. It’s not particularly goat-y, so good for nervous newcomers to goat’s milk cheese or if you’re serving to guests who may or may not have an adventurous cheese palate.

Valdeon Cheese

Valdeon, Leon, Spain

This cow and goat’s milk blue is creamy and somewhat intense in flavor – definitely made for lovers of blue. Wrapped in chestnut leaves, it presents beautifully on a cheese plate.

jasper hill harbison cheese

Harbison, Jasper Hill Farm, Greensboro, VT

A creamy, gooey cow’s milk cheese, distinctive for its wrapping of spruce bark that imbues a subtly woodsy, yet sweet flavor that’s completely unrivaled. This cheese is named after Anne Harbison, seen by many to be the grandmother of Greensboro, VT where this dairy is located. This Fred’s favorite cheese of all time (for now)!

jasper hill harbison cheese

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