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Product Review: Alex’s Ugly Sauce

October 7, 2012

alex's ugly sauce with burrito

It’s not often on this site that the we feel compelled to discuss a specific food product that we don’t plan on giving you the recipe for, but occasionally we happen upon something we’re so excited about we feel compelled to share. Alex’s Ugly Sauce is one such product that we’re happy to spread the word about*. This small batch, artisanal hot sauce is a hot-sauce-purists dream; its only ingredients are hot peppers, vinegar, onions, beets, honey, garlic and spices. No icky preservatives or other shady, unpronounceable additions to this stuff. But we like it not just because it has a nice label and ingredients we feel good about, we truly just can’t  get enough of the flavor! It adds a delightful (but not overwhelming) heat to whatever we’re shaking it on without changing the essential flavors of the dish, thereby acting as an enhancement rather than a mask for our eggs, tacos, burritos, curries, popcorn, tomato sauce, pizza, the list goes on…

We discovered it at a farmers market in our neighborhood last summer and have gone through several bottles since. Currently it’s available around the boston area – we’ve seen it at the Harvest Coops, City Feed and Supply, SOWA Market, the Jamaica Plain Farmers Market and a few other farmers markets around Boston but you can also order it online (and see a map of all the places it’s available for in-person purchase). Once you enjoy the glories of your own bottle, feel free to thank us for the tip with a burrito delivery (so we can sauce them up together)!

alex's ugly sauce in a burrito

*Feasting Freds has no relationship, sponsorship or otherwise, or monetary tie to Alex’s Ugly Sauce. We just like it a lot!

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