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Blueberry Gin Refresher

August 19, 2012

end of blueberry gin refresher

This cocktail was concocted out of sheer desperation. Well, perhaps one shouldn’t use words like desperation when discussing fancy cocktails. Allow me to rephrase myself – this cocktail was concocted out of sheer desire. Freshly picked mint in hand, muddler at the ready, the Freds realized that we were out of club soda and alas would not be having mojitos. The horror! Luckily though, we had just finished a batch of blueberry syrup and an idea was born!  The mint would not go to waste and we would still have refreshing cocktails to sip before dinner while contemplating life and meteors and cloud formations. Thank goodness for that…

blueberry gin refresher

Blueberry Gin Refresher 


a few mint leaves

a small pinch sugar

2 oz. gin

5 oz. tonic water

1 1/2 tsp. blueberry syrup

1 slice of very ripe peach (optional)


Place mint leaves in the bottom of your glass, followed by a small pinch of sugar. Muddle the mint. If using a peach slice add that in and muddle a bit to release the juices. Add gin, tonic and blueberry syrup and stir to combine. Fill the rest of the glass with ice and serve, garnished with fresh mint.

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