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Golden Tomato Sauce and Soup

September 15, 2011

golden tomato soup

Today I saw an amazing scene play out as I walked into the hospital. The characters were a gaggle of homeless gentleman and a bike cop who was either new to the force or new to being a bike cop. Either way, she wasn’t too sure of herself on her cop-bike.  So she awkwardly rides over to the gentleman and starts giving them a hard time about drinking in public. Their response is to ignore her and continue drinking (to be fair this is their regular spot and she isn’t the regular cop on this block who they normally deal with).  As she attempts to assert how bad-ass she is by riding her bike in a wide circle around the busy street (presumably trying to demonstrate how much space she can take up and therefore how much authority she has), one of them has the brilliant idea to throw his empty bottle in her general vicinity. After a good ten second wobble, while being hardily laughed at, she sets off to catch him,

prompting him to start running down the street, arms wind milling, giggling hysterically. What ensues was the most hilarious chase scenario potentially in the history of cops on bikes. At this point everyone on the street is watching, laughing and mostly cheering for the homeless gentleman as he runs in wild loops around the street and the cop tries unsuccessfully to catch him. She looked more intoxicated than he did. Long story short, he got away when she crashed her bike into a curb, and ended up splayed out in front of the gaggle of homeless men, who had to help her up.

golden tomatoes

It was a pretty hilarious way to start my day and things just got better from there, culminating in me coming home to harvest four orange hued heirloom tomatoes that weighed almost exactly a pound and a half. I love it when my garden provides me with ripe fruits that weigh such a perfectly exact amount – it makes them so much easier to cook with…

Golden Tomato Soup and Sauce 

(Makes 2 cups)

This recipe makes a delicious tomato mush, which can be served as a sauce over pasta, quinoa etc but it’s also brilliant on its own as a soup served hot or cold. Essentially it’s just completely versatile tomato liquid gold!


1 1/2 lb ripe yellow or orange tomatoes, diced, juice reserved

3 garlic cloves, minced

3 Tbs extra virgin olive oil

1/2 tsp salt

1/2 to 1 tsp red pepper flakes (1/2 will give it a slight spice, a teaspoon will push it into spicy sauce territory)


Place your oil, garlic, salt and pepper flakes into an unheated small or medium saucepan and stir to combine. Heat over a medium flame until the garlic begins to sizzle, then stir in the tomatoes and their juices. Bring to a simmer and cook for 5 minutes, until the tomato pieces begin to break down. Remove from heat and serve over pasta, eat as a soup etc. Garnish with basil. Immersion blend if you want a smoother consistency, or not.

golden tomato sauce in ball jar

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