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Perfect French Press Coffee

July 17, 2011

Perfect? The never-satisfied Freds are declaring something Perfect? Yes, yes we are. Today we bring you the process to achieve the perfect cup of french press coffee. Yes, we’re sure.

How are we sure? Well, we kind of cheated. We asked the country’s premiere coffee roasters – Stumptown Coffee in Portland Oregon. It took a little arm twisting, but the Freds can be very persuasive. So here it is, in honor of the pursuit of a perfect Sunday…

Perfect French Press Coffee 

1. Coarsely grind fresh beans (roasted no longer than two weeks ago). Use 2 oz. of beans per 6 oz. of water.

coffee beans

2. Place ground beans in a french press and set a timer for four minutes. Seriously… set a timer.

ground coffee in french press

3. Bring water to just below boiling, then aggressively pour over the ground beans. Start the timer.

water into french press

4. Allow to sit one minute, uncovered. A thick foam will form at the top, resembling the head of a dark beer.

5. After a minute has passed, stir gently in a swirling motion. We use the end of a wooden spoon since stirring with anything metal can break the glass of your press.

6. After stirring, allow to sit undisturbed another three minutes. At this time you should cover it with the top of the french press.

7. When your timer goes off, gently press the plunger down.

8. Immediately pour the finished coffee into awaiting cups or carafe and enjoy!

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