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Radish Tea Sandwiches

June 27, 2011

Radish Tea SandwichesThese little open face sandwiches are one of our favorite simple summer pleasures. They are perfect garden party food, but we prefer to horde our radishes for ourselves, so rarely serve this to company. There’s nothing better than starting a summer day with these, next to a salad of fresh micro greens, served with a large glass of orange juice. They are easily veganized with tofutti or other fake cream cheese, which sometimes we actually prefer to the real stuff. The basic idea is to top good quality bread (a crusty, chewy french loaf works well) with cream cheese, then layer on thinly sliced radishes and top with the herb of your choice. Those pictured here are finished with the sliced tops of one of the shallot plants growing in our garden, but chives, dill, scallions and scapes all work nicely as well.

Radish Mix From Our GardenBecause these sandwiches are so simple, they rely heavily on the quality of their ingredients, most importantly the radishes. The spicier the radish, the better, hence why this is a summer treat for us. While we can buy radishes at the grocery store year round, they are generally sad, half crunchy and not at all spicy. These sandwiches were made with the first harvest of radishes from our garden, but farmers market radishes are almost always great too. Look for ones that are hard to the touch: they shouldn’t be mushy at all. Also, we prefer brightly colored radishes to their white skinned counterparts, as they bleed pink and purple onto the cream cheese making for a delightful, colorful snack!

Radish Tea Sandwiches

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